Home Schooling Tips
for Parents

Experience a wealth of home schooling tips for parents from a mom who has taught all her children from grades kindergarten through senior high.

Are you actively or planning to homeschool your children, but not sure where to start? No problem - we can help.

Keep reading to discover our home schooling tips for parents, grandparents, and other educators.

home schooling tips for parents

Home Schooling Tips for Parents and Other Educators

This site has what you need, such as information on:

·         How to homeschool

·         Preschool ideas and activities

·         Teaching primary and middle grades

·         Freebies - downloadable and printable ones

·        Homeschool curriculum reviews 

·         FAQs

·         Encouragement along the way

·         Role of fathers in the home school setting

·         Home organization for teaching and family life

home schooling tips for parents

Benefits of Home Schooling

Keep reading to get answers to  YOUR  homeschooling questions and concerns.

In the pages of this site, you will discover the secrets from a home schooling mother of ten (and her husband) of how they advanced their eldest child from homeschool to Vanderbilt University on an academic scholarship and many other accomplishments!

Learn more about the author of Home Schooling Tips for Parents on the About Me page and feel free to ask her a question about home schooling.

home schooling tips for parents

It can be challenging to start a new journey, such as starting to homeschool your children. There is always a “learning curve” and things you are unaware of from curriculum choices to legal issues.

Let this homeschool veteran of over thirty years share her experiences and many homeschooling pros/cons with you.

You could search the web for links, tips, and resources, or learn from Claudette, who has “been there, done that” with her children in all grades and save yourself a lot of time and effort.

Our time is precious and limited, as we all know, which is where we, and our website, can help.

It is written by us - Claudette and Wayne - a couple who have taught their ten children at home, operated a private school in CA, and continue to support and encourage home schoolers.

We want to share our experiences with you so that your home schooling efforts are easier than if you had to do it on your own.

home schooling tips for parents

Please feel free to ask questions, request reviews of curriculum, and leave comments on this site.

Join our Facebook community and find us on the other social media platforms, too.

How do we know so much about home schooling? Because we have been doing it for over thirty years now and are still at it!

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