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Welcome to the About Me page on the Home Schooling Tips for Parents website.

I am Claudette, mom to ten terrific (most times) children that I prayed for and home schooled from preschool to high school, except our eldest son who attended a private, Christian high school for two years.

Learn About Me and Our Home Schooling Journey

This site is for new homeschoolers, veteran homeschoolers, and those who are still thinking about homeschooling.

I will include everything that I think you need, such as:

  • original content
  • homeschool curriculum reviews
  • teaching methods
  • encouragement
  • how to get Dads on board
  • home organization and more

Please let me know if there are other needs you have. I  received help from others when I was a new homeschooler years ago and I want to pay it forward

Who am I?

I live in middle TN with my husband, Wayne, our children, and four grandchildren, so far. I am currently homeschooling our youngest - a son - in homeschool high school.

We homeschooled our children because it allowed us to educate our children naturally and spiritually. It gave us the freedom to select courses and materials specifically for each child, while teaching in a Christ-centered environment, which was important to us.

We recognize that home education is not the only way to teach children, but it has become a “way of life” for our family.

After teaching our children and others for over thirty years, I hope to share some of the knowledge gained with numerous home schooling tips and anecdotes about me and our experiences.

This site will be accessible through the Contact Me page and I will utilize the FAQs to answer the most frequently asked questions, such as “What about socialization?” and “Can you write off home schooling expenses on your taxes?”

I will provide a forum to freely engage with others who are doing what you are doing or at least, are seriously considering it for themselves through the community on this site.

What Have I Experienced in My Homeschool?

After I resigned from the New York City public school system as an elementary school teacher, I decided to teach our children at home.  

It has not always been an easy road for us; however, I would do it all over again!

Our children have earned the following since we began homeschooling:

  • Full academic scholarship to Vanderbilt University
  • Two Master of Arts degrees
  • Nine high school graduates
  • A daughter completed high school at the age of sixteen
  • A licensed Cosmetology school graduate/business owner
  • Fulbright scholar recipient and study abroad opportunity
  • Graduate Fellowship - Hollins University
  • Miss Austin Peay State University Scholarship recipient
  • Graduate School Teacher's Assistant
  • All our college graduates have graduated with honors
  • Three of our daughters have completed an entire novel during the National Novel Writing Month challenge multiple times - several years ago, they helped their then-eight-year-old sister complete one as well
  • Our sons have learned to do electrical, plumbing, and home repair jobs and receive praises for their skills and work ethics
  • A son pursued his passion in art via online studies
  • A current mechanical engineering major
  • All are managers at their places of employment 

The most important accomplishment though is the fact that all our children know the Most High God and are endeavoring to serve Him; some more than others.

Do I Have Any Qualifications?

Yes. I love teaching and I love to assist others in teaching their children (or students), too. A few things about me include that I:

  • Taught in the public schools in NYC for five years before retiring to stay home with our young family
  • Was an Independent Study Program (ISP) Coordinator for Straight Arrow Private School in Oceanside, CA, which served home schooling families, for ten years until relocating to TN
  • Owned and operated an in-home daycare
  • Coordinated the annual Used Homeschool Curriculum Fairs in CA and TN
  • Founded a home school curriculum website (email me and I will send you the name of the site)
  • Taught in the Children's Ministry at our church
  • Contributed articles to EzineArticles.com, TeachersPayTeachers.com, and Learn-with-math-games.com

Pursuing My Dreams

For the current school year, I will be homeschooling one child in high school, I will continue to provide homeschool counseling to parents who have been referred by friends and family, and I will maintain this website.

I will also pursue my passion to write articles, curriculum resources, and Kindle eBooks, such as my recent title Thrust into Home Schooling.

Overall, I have been a stay-at-home mom except for a few instances of working through a temporary agency. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to design closets and garage storage solutions for an Atlanta-based, family-owned company!

Now, I can enjoy the best of both worlds. I stay home to be available for our family and earn an income doing what I am most interested in doing, which is writing for an audience.

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