Totally Free Homeschool Resources

Discover free homeschool resources for all grades and in all subject areas. Find out about no-cost options to home school using videos, games, quizzes, printable worksheets, and more on this page. 

free homeschool resources

It is my hope that I have included some different titles than those that are commonly seen on other sites. I have tried to categorize these free home school resources by subject areas and have alphabetized the list entries to further organize them.

I have researched each resource and have even used several of them myself in our home. If you find any broken links or have other free resources that you would like to add, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

I am including links or titles of websites, apps, museums, libraries, bookstores, and other examples of places to obtain free home school resources. 

Free Homeschool Resources

free homeschool resources

This list is definitely not an exhaustive collection of the many educational resources and opportunities that are available to those of us teaching at home.


  • Library Resources – utilize the public library to borrow books, videos, and audiobooks to cover all subjects. Some libraries also make home school curriculum available. 
  • Local Schools – check with your local public school to see if they have books and other materials (including school furniture) that they are getting rid of and would consider giving to you. 
  • Mentorships – make use of family, friends or neighbors who could "teach" your child a subject such as cake decorating, carpentry, electrical wiring, web design, pest control, auto mechanics, etc. 
free homeschool resources
  • Used Book Stores – check for free homeschool resources placed in the back or outside of used bookstores. In our area, we have a McKay’s Used Bookstore that trades books and other items for cash or store credit towards their books, CDs, games, and other items. 
  • Universities – MIT OpenCourseWare –  offers more than 2,400 free online course materials on their website which can be used for many subjects and electives.


Use websites like these to find and print worksheets for basic subjects and more:

free homeschool resources

I am including additional sites below covering individual subject areas such as English, math, science, and history.

Language Arts

  • Daily Grammar – is a fun and quick resource to learn and practice grammar.         
  • Progressive Phonics – teaches alphabet, phonics, and reading using original, downloadable books.         
  • Spelling Words Well – this site has everything needed to teach spelling to grades K-12. Lots of great stuff on this site!!


  • AAA Math – offers interactive math practice for all ages.
  • Homeschool Math  – has free worksheets, games, lessons, and reviews of math curriculum, too. 
  • Learn with Math Games – this site has a vast amount of online and printable games for preschool through high school math topics. 
  • Math Mammoth – huge website with tons of math help, printables, quizzes, videos, supplements, and curriculum.        
  • Mr. Math Blog – helpful site filled with free math resources for second through twelfth grades.         
  • Xtra Math – a free online resource for parents, teachers, and students.
free homeschool resources



  • US History – a collection of articles covering Pre-Columbian to the New Millennium era historical accounts.

Online Free Homeschool Resources

  • Facebook Marketplace Giveaways – search this social media site for free homeschool resources in Marketplace or homeschool/education groups. 
  • FreeCycle – another place to obtain free resources from people who are trying to get rid of their stuff.    
  • Museum Websites – check out websites of museums such as the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, for great articles and other resources. 
  • Online Tutorials – scan the web for topics. 
  • Project Gutenberg E-books – archive of eBooks and articles covering many topics. 
  • Virtual Field Trips – search the web for all types of field trips to learn and enjoy from home. 
  • Virtual Labs – search the web for the topics you need.
  • Virtual Tours – take a tour of familiar and unusual places.          
  • YouTube Channel – create a private family channel and add links to videos covering early learning concepts like alphabet, colors, numbers, etc. or whatever you plan to teach. 
free homeschool resources

Free Homeschool Curriculum Programs


  • Duolingo – create an account and learn a language for free. 
  • Learn to Type – free online typing for parents and students.   

Summary – Free Homeschool Resources  

There are many ways to get free or low-cost home school resources. Always ask around and see if others have stuff they are ready to pass on.

Also, you want to become more familiar with doing Google searches. Search by using the exact items you are looking for, such as: “free + complete math program + for homeschoolers” which brings up a few ads, but also delivers several pages filled with sites matching your search parameters.  

  • As I stated before, this list is NOT exhaustive. 
  • I will be adding more free homeschool resources as I come across others. 
  • Please share any examples of free homeschool resources that were not in this list.
  • Share this page with your friends on your social media.

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