Need Help for Home Schooling?

Do you need help for home schooling your children who are suddenly learning at home? Have you been thrust into home schooling like millions of other families?

Let us help you with tips and ideas to have a successful experience with your children who are doing virtual learning, Zoom learning, and more. 

A few days ago, my husband shared an online comment regarding the current trend in home teaching where someone remarked that “his children were learning virtually NOTHING!” 

How sad that that was his sentiment and experience in his home even though virtual learning has been going on since the spring of 2020.

So, I decided to share a few things about home education to offer  hope and help for home schooling families that need it.

Keep it Simple

One of the best things to do, now that you have been thrust into home schooling, is to really keep it simple! I cannot stress that fact enough. Do not over complicate the issue by trying to do too much or trying to do it all at once.

Most likely, your child may have a program or course of study that he or she is following from their school. If not, then decide what is needed and stick to that system of courses. 

Focus on the Basics 

The core subjects are English, math, science, and history. So, choose courses from those areas and work on them faithfully each day to lay a good foundation.

Additionally, Bible or character training may be included if you desire to teach those concepts in your household.  Later, electives like foreign language, arts, sports or computer courses may be added.

Have Fun

If you are teaching your child at home that does not mean it has to be torture for you or your child. Have fun! You might be surprised at how much fun you can have with your children during the learning process.

Sometimes, it may be necessary to put down the workbooks and printables and do other educational and recreational activities. Here are a few ideas:

  • Go outside for physical education if the weather permits
  • Learn new things along with your kids
  • Pack up books and supplies and go to the park
  • Go to Grandma’s house and do school 
  • Visit the home of another home school family if you can safely adhere to Covid-19 guidelines
  • Create something aka crafts, gardening or cooking
  • Build something aka woodworking, carpentry or engineering
  • Disassemble something to see how it was put together

Do Not Try to Reinvent the Wheel

Although it may feel like you are totally alone in teaching your child at home, you are not. There are many people that have already done it and even written books about home schooling 

There are plenty of books, podcasts, blogs, and websites, like this one, that offer instruction and encouragement for new and veteran home schooling families.

If you are struggling with teaching math or science, for example, then search for “help for home schooling  science to my fourth or fifth grader.

Gain Help for Home Schooling from Others

An easy way to succeed at this new thing called virtual schooling, but is also known as “home schooling” is to find someone who is already doing it and is having success.

Talk with that person, observe their daily routines or look at their lesson planner and curriculum resources.

Most people are eager to help others and generally you only need to ask for assistance.

As I said earlier, this site is here to provide help for home schooling when needed. Read through the pages and contact myself or other website owners/bloggers with your questions.

Best wishes to you and your family as you embark on this amazing privilege and journey.

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