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Welcome to the HomeSchoolingTipsforParents blog where I share information and support for home schoolers. I am "right here" virtually for you as you enjoy the journey of teaching at home!!!

Home Schooling Tips for Parents

Experience a wealth of home schooling tips for parents from a mom who has taught all her children from grades kindergarten through senior high!

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Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

Choose homeschool curriculum reviews that help you decide which home school materials would work best for your family.

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An Easy Peasy Homeschool Review

An Easy Peasy homeschool review by a mom who has used tons of home school curriculum over the years.

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Totally Free Homeschool Resources

Discover free homeschool resources for all grades and in all subject areas. Find out about videos, games, quizzes, printable worksheets, and more on this page.

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Free Homeschool Printables for Teaching English

Download free homeschool printables from this site for all your home school English grammar, phonics, reading comprehension, writing, and handwriting practice.

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